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Professional Degree Course

Selected Readings of Marxist Classics      

Methodology of Marxist Theory Research (Master)

Historical materialism

Research on the Frontier Problems of the Basic Principles of Marxism

International political theory research

Theory and Practice of Ideological and Political Education

Research on the History of Chinese Modern Political Thoughts

Party Building Theory and Practice

Professional Electives

Psychological counseling research

Introduction to Marxist Theory of Value

Western Sinology (Chinese Studies) Special Study

Special study on the theory of the rule of law

The history of the development of Marxism (Master)

A Comparative Study of Chinese and Western Ethics

Marxist View of Religion and Religious Reality

Research on the Special Issues of Marxism in China

Introduction to basic political views

Theory and practice of mental health education

Research on the Basic Problems of Contemporary World Economy and Politics

Research on Tibet-related Issues in Sino-Foreign Relations

Frontier of Marxist Political Economy

Political Development Theory and Practice Research

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