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The Marxist College of Zhejiang University was renamed on the basis of the former Zhejiang University Ideological and Political Theory Teaching and Research Department in April 2015. It is the Communist Party of Zhejiang Provincial Propaganda Department and Zhejiang University. In 2017, the college was approved for the second batch of national key Marxist colleges.


Zhejiang University is one of the founding units of Marxist theory. In 1984, the first batch of second bachelor degree students in ideological and political education was enrolled. In 1990, the first batch of master's degree authorization points were obtained. In 1997, the college was awarded the key discipline of Zhejiang Province. In 2001, the college was granted a doctoral degree. In 2006, the first batch of doctoral degree points in the first-level discipline of Marxist theory was obtained. In 2009, the college was approved as a postdoctoral mobile station for Marxist theory.


The college has a doctoral program in the first-level discipline of Marxist theory, a postdoctoral mobile station in Marxist theory; it has the basic principles of Marxism, the study of Marxism in China, ideological and political education, the study of basic issues in modern and contemporary Chinese history, international politics, and the international communist movement and scientific socialism with Master's degree. The first-level discipline of Marxist theory is the key discipline and the first-class discipline of Zhejiang universities.


The college has three university-level research institutes, such as Marxist theory, international politics, and socialism with Chinese characteristics of Zhejiang University, and has five college-level research institutes,such as Marxist social theory, socialism with Chinese characteristics, basic issues of modern Chinese history, civic education and rule of law, religion and harmonious society. And some leading scientific research centers. The college has a university counselor training  base of the Ministry of Education (Zhejiang University), Zhejiang University Research Center of Socialism Theory System , Zhejiang Province Chinese characteristics Research Base, University Mental Health Education and Training Base of Zhejiang Provincial Education Department, Zhejiang University Moral Education and Student Development Research centers and other institutions.


The college consists of five teaching and research centers, including the introduction to the basic principles of Marxism, the introduction of Mao Zedong Thought and the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the outline of modern and contemporary Chinese history, the ideological and moral cultivation and the legal foundation, and the postgraduate public political theory. Teaching and research work on ideological and political theory courses for all master's and doctoral students.


There are 67 faculty members in the college, including 56 teachers who are engaged in the teaching of ideological and political theory courses and the discipline of Marxist theory and 11 administrative staff . There are 11 professors, 23 associate professors and 1 senior lecturer in the teaching staff. There are 8 doctoral tutors and 25 master tutors. The proportion of doctoral degree teachers is 59%, and the proportion of young and middle-aged teachers under 45 years old accounts for 45%. At present, there are 52 full-time graduate students and 75 doctoral students in college.

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