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Dr.Anna Meine's Lecture Series

Editor: 何舫     Time: 2018-03-15      Number of visits :7

From March 3rd to 11th, 2018, Dr. Anna Meine from the Department of Politics of the University of Siegen was supported by the Erasmus project of the European Union to visit the School of Marxism of Zhejiang University for a short-term academic visit. During the visit, she held a series of lectures for Chinese and foreign graduate students of the School of Marxism and the School of Public Administration: Citizenship beyond borders, the ideas of Community on the Global Scale, Habermas's deliberative democracy,Theory (Jürgen Habermas' Model of Deliberative Democracy), Perspectives on European Integration.

Based on the political practice of the European Union, these lectures explore the academic resources and possible practical approaches of the Community of Human Destiny initiative from the perspective of political science.

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